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SSC Wind relies on tool tracking in harsh environments

SSC Wind relies on tool tracking in harsh environments

SSC Wind is a provider of technical services to the wind energy sector and has commissioned more than 1,300 wind turbines throughout Europe — both onshore and offshore.

When SSC’s technicians climb a tower for a repair or for other reasons, it is esential that they have a complete tool bag with them for the job. SSC recently relied on an RFID solution from DHL MYIdentification (DHL-MyID) to ensure that all jobs go smoothly by providing technicians with the proper resources.

SSC Wind is relying on RFID to keep track of tools, including when they need to be calibrated.

By retrofitting all tools with HF RFID, SSC has seen productivity improve by 20-25 percent, and a 25 percent savings in labor costs. SSC has also reduced costs associated with inventory checks by 30 percent, and improved product traceability by more than one-third.

In addition, SSC reduced container transportation costs up to 75 percent, since containers can now be transported from one project site to another because there is no more need to return equipment containers to the SSC Wind HQ/warehouse for updates and inventory checks.

SSC’s tooling and equipment is now outfitted with a MylD robust and miniaturized HF UHF MasterTag (RFID tag). The tags are specially designed for harsh and on-metal environments with a long data retention time. Collected data is digitally registered in real time while reading the MasterTag with a handheld reader or smart phone, and is instantly and securely linked through the cloud to customer’s existing ERP or IT system. A GPS tracking system is also connected to DHL-MylD’s software program which allows supervisors and SSC Wind management to monitor entire operations, from container routing and position to the entire (quality) product lifecycle and equipment utilization to carrying out quantity completeness checks, including the digitized registration of technicians on site and their worked hours.

Portable tool bags for technicians who climb the towers are also equipped with UHF MasterTags with a handheld reader that is configured to read all 45 tools inside the tool bag in less than five seconds. The solution also carries a built-in alert for tool input, tools returned, tool-fitness and completeness check.