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White Paper: RFID enhances omni-channel fulfillment at Macys

White Paper: RFID enhances omni-channel fulfillment at Macys

Peter Longo, Macy’s President of Logistics and Operations, recently noted inventory degradation occurs at a rate of about 2-3% a month stating, “You don’t want to make decisions based on bad data.”

Macy's continues to innovate with RFID.

Merchandise movements, administrative errors and system updates can all cause inventory distortion over time, but RFID can help to eliminate these causes, all of which are detrimental to the fulfillment process.

By leveraging Tyco Retail Solutions’ TrueVUE™ RFID Inventory Visibility platform, Macy’s was able to establish a foundation of inventory accuracy in key replenishable product categories across all 800 stores. The success of the initial pilot program and resulting statistics empowered Macy’s to explore new ways to use RFID technology in fashion areas for omni-channel fulfillment.

Now, Macy’s is enhancing its omni-channel fulfillment capabilities with its unique “Pick to the Last Unit” (P2LU) program. Driven by RFID, Macy’s is accessing its full inventory assortment and establishing enterprise-wide inventory accuracy in key product categories to fulfill customer demand. Having this level of inventory accuracy and visibility helps Macy’s drive increased sales to provide a better customer experience.