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Sensors enhance the shopping experience

Sensors enhance the shopping experience

It’s no surprise that sensors in devices such as smartphones, beacons and interactive dressing rooms are becoming a normal part of the retail shopping experience. The next logical step for retailers is to understand touch points across the shopping journey, from browsing to consideration to purchase, and then use collected data to improve customer experience and omni-channel logistics.

So how can retailers use data they collect more effectively to delight shoppers and drive sales without impacting profitability? Here’s a simple example that includes sensors already in use today by many retailers. It shows how shopper we’ll refer to as Callie interacts with sensors throughout her shopping experience in a satisfying manner that builds her relationship with a retailer and leads to increased sales.

It all starts when Callie receives a text from a friend that includes a photo of shoes from a social media site. Her friend tells her that the shoes pictured will go great with the outfit she’ll be wearing to an upcoming wedding, and suggests she check them out.