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RFID reads 1,000 casino chips in 26 seconds

RFID reads 1,000 casino chips in 26 seconds

The use of RFID tags in the casino industry is a relatively mature use case. It was back in 2010 that the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas foiled the theft of $1.5 million worth of poker chips because they carried RDIF tags, allowing the casino to deactivate the heisted chips.

Yet, the technology continues to improve, allowing new use cases for casinos. This video demonstrates how RFID can read 1,000 stacked RFID-enabled poker chips in 3.5 seconds. FEIG’s long range reader captures the poker chip reads, which are embedded with NXP ICODE chips.

In the past, UHF RFID technology had difficulty reading stacked casino chips because of RF interference. NXP and FEIG’s latest solution opens new possibilities for automatic inventory management, smart shelves and instant verification of casino chips.