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Gerry Weber will deploy Tyco TrueVUE software at 800 stores

Gerry Weber will deploy Tyco TrueVUE software at 800 stores

German retailer Gerry Weber, a pioneer of RFID innovation at the retail level, is enhancing its RFID deployment by implementing Tyco’s TrueVUE inventory visibility application. The Tyco solution will replace an existing RFID legacy solution at 800 stores, and enable Gerry Weber to leverage RFID more efficiently for a number of use cases.

Gerry Weber is deploying new RFID software at its 800 stores, like this location in Toronto.

The new solution has been deployed in 10 stores. A full rollout is expected to be complete by the end of June. Gerry Weber, which began using RFID in 2009, uses more than 30 million RFID tags annually for tagging apparel and other items to improve logistics, retail processes and loss prevention.

Gerry Weber is a leader in RFID innovation, , long before source tagging became common practice. The retailer was also one of the first to integrate RFID with its EAS system to curtail theft.

In its latest move, Gerry Weber will turn to  to enhance inventory accuracy and in-store stock availability, and for use with receiving, cycle counting, product locating, point-of-sale (POS), loss prevention, sales floor replenishment and merchandise transfer. The new RFID-enabled visibility into exact quantity and location of items by style, size, and color, will help ensure on-floor availability and timely, accurate sales floor replenishment to satisfy shopper needs. Gaining accurate real-time item-level insight across all stores also helps lay the foundation for a omni-channel retail strategies.

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