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Aeon Retail trials innovative RFID robot in Japan

Aeon Retail trials innovative RFID robot in Japan

The next wave of RFID innovation is on display at Aeon Retail’s flagship store in Japan, where the retailer is piloting a first-of its-kind, robot-enabled inventory counting solution from Checkpoint Systems.

The robot will automate the inventory cycle counting process to eliminate human-error, reduce operational costs and shift what used to be an employee task to value-added activities where associates can better serve the shopper.

The retailer is also discontinuing its existing acousto-magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems for Checkpoint’s RFID-upgradeable RF EAS systems to improve inventory management and the overall shopping experience.

Aeon and Checkpoint have already started source tagging for apparel and consumer packaged goods merchandise. Source tagging will ensure that merchandise arrives at stores already tagged and shelf-ready. Aeon Retail hopes to improve operational efficiencies with accurate inventory visibility and automate tasks that allow staff to focus their time on customer-facing activities.

The retailer will utilize Checkpoint’s Enterprise software, fully integrated into its point-of-sale and point of exit systems and Checkpoint’s new . This technology will enable Aeon to automatically match its inventory with merchandise sales and identify to the unit all items that leave the store. The accuracy of the information will help reduce excess inventory, reduce out-of-stocks and improve operational efficiencies.