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RFID drives omni-channel at Lululemon

RFID drives omni-channel at Lululemon

As 2015 draws to a close, retailers are embracing RFID for much more than improved inventory accuracy. Retailers like Lululemon and Macy’s are using RFID as the foundation for omni-channel, which allows customers to order from a mobile device and pick up at the store, or arrange for fast delivery.

Specialty retailer Lululemon is the latest to acknowledge that RFID is a key component to a successful omni-channel program. The company has deployed RFID in all of its North America locations.

“This technology is a powerful new tool in creating seamless guest experiences across all channels and has greatly enhanced our ability to access inventory quickly across all channels and locations,” said CEO during the company’s earnings conference call this month.

Miguel Almeida, executive vice president of digital at Lululemon, says that RFID will help to drive buy-online, pick-up-in-store, a critical initiative to improve the guest experience across channels.

“That’s something that our guests have been telling us that they really want to see from us,” he said. “The RFID that we have in North America will enable us now to accelerate the testing, learning of those experiences. I’m mostly excited about how RFID technology and beacon technology will help us learn about guest behavior as they are buying and browsing products in our stores.

“We will learn significant things about the best way to implement these. The testing and learning on top of the RFID will help us do the right expansion in North America.”

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