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Deutsche Post offers RFID tracking for international packages

Deutsche Post offers RFID tracking for international packages

Customers willing to pay extra to track their shipments in Europe can now purchase RFID tags directly from shipper Deutsche Post. The parcel giant is offering RFID to help online retailers and customers track deliveries across borders.

The RFID tags come in sets of 20 or 50 and cost about $1 per tag. Customers with larger shipment volumes can purchase recordable labels with integrated RFID tags. Both the sender and receiver can view the shipping status on Deutsche Post’s track and trace portal.

Deutsche Post cites demand from small shippers as cross-border online trade is growing even faster than domestic. Deutsche Post says that RFID makes tracking packages across borders transparent. The RFID tags can be attached to the package or be embedded inside the packaging.

Initial scanning of packages occurs in Germany’s international mail center — the Umschlagort — from where all letters leave Germany, and occurs again at the international mail center of the target country. Depending on the destination of the letter, it may be scanned again at customs, such as for deliveries to Switzerland or the U.S.

The service is already available in 16 countries, including EU member states Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Hungary as well as Switzerland and the U.S. Other countries will follow shortly.

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