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Moods of Norway adopts source tagging for all inventory

Moods of Norway adopts source tagging for all inventory

Fashion retailer , which has stores in Norway, the United States and Sweden, is taking the next step in its RFID program by applying RFID tags to the items it sells at the point of manufacture.

Moods of Norway in its stores in Norway and Sweden. Beyond in-store use, the retailer uses RFID for omni-channel online orders. More than 90 percent of its spring/summer collection for 2015 was tagged with RFID, and about .

Moods of Norway retail director Hans Petter Hübert says that the retailer will source tag about 500,000 items next year.

Moods of Norway retail director Hans Petter Hübert says that the retailer will source tag about 500,000 items next year, a small number compared to major chains, but a significant rollout in Nordic terms.

Source tagging will speed up the tagging process and allow Moods of Norway to continue to track apparel from source to store, ensuring merchandise availability so that shoppers can always find what they need. Source tagging shifts the security tag application process from a manual labor-intensive process at the store to a centralized process at the point of manufacture, allowing store associates to focus on servicing their shoppers rather than applying tags.

Moods of Norway is using  for all SKUs. It is one of the first generation of new global tagging solutions approved in multiple apparel and hard line categories for the U.S. and Europe. Moods of Norway uses the same tag globally across many categories, streamlining its source tagging operations.

“A high-quality, high-speed source tagging process is important to us since we believe RFID is a nearly perfect system to keep control of the stock for in store and online orders,” says Hübert. “Checkpoint’s source tagging program is thus crucial for us, since it eliminates delays and ensures quality. With Checkpoint, our stores see RFID as a crucial tool, rather than extra work.”

The fashion retailer is also using Checkpoint’s  online ordering service to tag its entire fashion collection at source for more than 70 manufacturers based in China, Turkey, Holland, India and other countries.

Check-Net facilitates the complete end-to-end process, from order entry to production. With its enhanced graphic interface, users can navigate through the web page to select the required items, enter necessary variable information, and complete the shopping cart with peace of mind.

Many of Check-Net production facilities have a unique system that is eight times faster than industry-standard thermal transfer printers and offers higher accuracy (99.9 percent) and quality. This makes Checkpoint’s source tagging program ideal for apparel retailers with global operations that require a large number of labels for their stores around the world. Moreover, Check-Net enables Moods of Norway to check order status in real time to see when labels have been printed, picked up by the courier and shipped to vendors.

“We have a constant focus on processes, quality and innovation to ensure the speed of fashion, so that the right merchandise is there for shoppers when they want it,” says James Wrigley, president and chief operating officer for Apparel Labeling Solutions, Checkpoint. “We are excited to partner with Moods of Norway so it can deliver shelf-ready merchandise for in-store and online purchases as quickly and accurately as possible.”

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