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Five reasons IT should be involved in retail RFID rollouts

Five reasons IT should be involved in retail RFID rollouts

IT departments are increasingly becoming involved in retail RFID deployments. Along with store operations, IT is responsible for systems, data and process infrastructure across the retail chain.

For starters, IT can play a major role in performing frequent, accurate updates of product master data. Let’s face it, if you want to reap benefits from an RFID implementation, it’s paramount to identify the information required and then maintain accurate and up-to-date data.

After all, what good is tagging merchandise if you can’t keep up with new products as they are launched? Many apparel retailers have 10-14 new collection “seasons” per year. For some fast fashion retailers, that number could be as high as 50.

So specify requirements ahead of time, and garner a clear understanding of all the information that needs to be put into the system. Pay particular attention to mapping out data fields correctly. And while updating inventory numbers daily may not be feasible, obtaining accurate information at least weekly if not more frequently will contribute to your project’s success.