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Special Feature High Temperature Resistance Silicone RFID UHF Laundry Tag

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UHF: H3 H3/ H4, Monza 4/5, UC 7;

HF: N213,N216, IC SLI, F08;

LF: TK4100, EM4305. Or customized


UHF: ISO18000-6C;

HF: ISO14443A/ ISO15693;


Dia 30mm (as picture), Dia 20, 22, 25, 28mm, 55*10*1.6, 55*10*2.2, 60*20*1mm,

Or customized.

Memory 144, 1K, 128Byte, 96bit, 128bit, 64bit,etc.
Frequency 860-960MHz; 13.56MHz; 125KHz/ 134.2KHz
Material PPS, Silicone, Soft Plastic, ABS, or customized
Write Endurance ≥100000 cycles
Reading Range UHF: 1-3m; HF/LF: 0-5cm (depends on the reader and antenna)
Applications Clothing,Apparel, Garment,Laundry management, Dry clean shop,etc.
Optional Craft
Color black, yellow,  red, green, blue, pink or customized. 
Craft Single color or Multi-color Printing,Barcode or QR Code printing, Data encoding,etc. 
Type piece by piece, plastic bag, box, carton
Volume bag: 30x40cm, carton: 50x25x22cm
Quantity 100pcs/bag, 4kg/ctn
Weight 2kg/box, 8kg/ctn

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